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How to Know Which Type of Telescopic Ladder or Any Type of Ladder to Buy


What should you know about ladders?

Ladders are useful part of every household. They are used to make reaching on to something easier. With the help of a ladder, every house hold chores that needs climbing up is not something that requires a lot of effort. Ladders can be made with metal, wood or plastic. The recent models are usually made of fiber glass materials and can be combined with metal or wood to get the desired durability. This simple mechanism was discovered millions of years before and has been described as a means to get food sources such as honey from the tree and fruits clinging on high branches.

Ladder types

There are a lot of assorted ladders to choose from. There are those called attic ladders which are mainly used to climb the attic from the ceiling. There are those extendable ladders or Telescopic ladder which could be expanded or contracted to increase its height. Other types include the fixed type which has nothing special only to be fixed at a certain hinge. There are also the folding ladder which folds to accommodate uneven ground and uneven place to reach at.

Classes of ladders

The US has established certification for ladders to help minimize unauthorized manufacturing of defective products. These are usually sold in Europe and US with some exports outside the country. The three classes of ladders are as follows.

¾ Class 1 – These are for heavy duty industrial uses with a 175 kg load cut off and are usually colored blue.

¾ EN131 Class – These are for commercial use. They are colored yellow and could support a maximum of 150 kg load

¾ Third Class ladders - Light ladders intended for light use and are usually colored red. This is fit for light and domestic uses.

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